Furniture Fittings


Bring home a whirlwind of functionality with Hafele's range of Furniture Fittings.

Furniture units add the much needed augmentation and convenience to any interior space. But what truly contributes to the functionality of a furniture piece is the mix of fittings that hold the furniture together.

Häfele’s assortment of furniture fittings is backed by years of research and up-to-date technical expertise, encompassing only such trends and innovations that are reigning globally. We bring to you, our competent range of furniture fittings that holistically meets every requirement of every home.

Häfele’s solution based approach is reinforced by a strong service package, where our specialists are by your side to aid and guide you at every step - right from designing and selection to installation and after-sales support. Through our range, we offer you more than 4000 individual fittings for furniture, each holding the competence of superior quality and the convenience of unmatched functionality! 

If you have any question about our products, feel free to contact us or download the latest catalogues.