RGB colour mixer, Häfele Loox 12 V RGB controller

For radio remote control 833.74.708

Art. no. 833.74.802



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RGB colour mixer, Häfele Loox 12 V RGB controller

For radio remote control 833.74.708

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For radio remote control 833.74.708

Art. no. 833.74.802

Art. no. 833.74.802
Article details

Dimmable via RGB colour mixer with remote control

Area of application

For RGB lights: LED 2009, LED 2010, LED 2012, LED 2016

Suitable for

For RGB lights


With 4-way distributor






For screwing

Installation reference

Technical information
Several colour mixers can be controlled with one remote control, which are within a range of 15 m. One colour mixer must then be defined as master. The distance between the master and the other colour mixers (Slaves) must not exceed 15 m.

1. Synchronising all colour mixers with the remote controlA. Disconnect the colour mixers from the mains for at least 5 seconds (unplug).B. Connect the colour mixers to the mains again (plug in power plug).C. Peel off the foil from the battery compartment of the remote control; removing the battery is not needed.D. Push the button (recessed in the centre of the surface) of all colour mixers that need to be programmed. The button illuminates blue after pressing.E. Push the ON/OFF button on the remote control for about 15 seconds. The configuration was completed successfully if the buttons of all the respective colour mixers flash once. Repeat step D and E in case some buttons did not flash.
2. Defining the master colour mixer Press the button on the colour mixer you wish to define as a master, for about 5 seconds. The button illuminates blue during pressing. When the button goes off, the definition has been made. When the button is released, it flashes in blue at rapid intervals.
3. Defining a new master colour mixer Proceed as described in point 2. The original master colour mixer becomes a slave automatically.
4. Remarks A. If the remote control does not work for longer than 1 minute, it is in sleep mode. In this case, please push the ON/OFF button on remote control in order to re-establish the connection.B. All colour mixers must be connected to the mains for at least 1 min. in order to store the colour settings.

Order reference

Please order Loox RGB radio remote control 12 V separately.

Supplied with

1 RGB colour mixer with 2 m lead
1 4-way distributor with 0.3 m lead

Additional information attributes

Max. 10 colour mixers can be freely combined with 1–10 remote controls within a range of 15 m per installation
The lights are connected to the RGB colour mixer with a RGB leads.
The lead of the RGB colour mixer can be extended with standard Loox cables.

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