Fire seal/smoke seal, made from intumescent material

Provides fire resistance for 30 minutes, dark brown

Art. no. 950.11.051



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Fire seal/smoke seal, made from intumescent material

Provides fire resistance for 30 minutes, dark brown

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Article details
  • Brush height: 5 mm


2100 mm


10 mm

Area of application

For sealing the air gap between the edges of door leaves and frames
fire seal only


Sodium silicate

Fire resistance category

30 min


Dark brown

Product type

Fire seal/smoke seal

Width B

10 mm

Colour sealing profile

Dark brown

Material sealing profile

Sodium silicate

Material carrier



The material expands substantially when exposed to hot temperatures
with brush
fire and smoke seal


Dark brown


4 mm

Order reference

Other colours available on request.

Supplied with

1 intumescent fire and smoke seal

Additional information attributes

The sodium silicate intumescent material is activated at temperatures of between 100–150°C, forming a rigid foam with a high level of thermal insulation, it expands to 5–10 times its original size.
The intumescent material is activated at a much lower temperature than that at which the smoke seal material degrades. Long before the smoke seal has burned away, the intumescent material has expanded, sealing the gaps around the door. This seals the gap between the door and the frame, so providing an effective barrier to the passage of fire and hot smoke.
The applicable national and international guidelines, standards, approvals and other relevant regulations with regard to smoke control and fire resistance have to be taken into consideration in order to guarantee the fire resisting properties of the element.

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